Fix This Year’s Disorganization

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Dear Les Is More:

It’s February, and I’m still disorganized. What three tips can you give me?



Dear Paula:

Thank the heavens you have the rest of the year to get organized. Here are three tips to help you get and stay organized:

1. Get out the vacuum and dust the drapes and the ceiling of cobwebs and dust and while you are at it, how about the lamp shades. This will take about 45 minutes for a large house.

2. Bring all your hard cover books that you do not want/have ever read to the Consignment Store and whatever they do not want, give to the library

3. Go through all of your clothes and what you did not use last year bring to the consignment store.

Good Luck.

Dear Les Is More:

Every day the kids come home from school and put all of their stuff on the kitchen table and it sits there until dinner where it is moved into the dining room. What can I do?



Dear Nancy:

I want you to bring the children to a store and help them pick out baskets (you do not say what ages, but I bet they are old enough to put things away) large enough to put their items in. Then with the children, make a strategy for what goes in the baskets, what goes in their rooms, and what does NOT go on the kitchen table. This is what parenting is all about—teaching them the rules for life.

Good Luck.

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