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It’s the fourth week of January already. It seems like Christmas and New Year’s Day was just last week. I sure hope the rest of the winter flies by and Spring comes early this year.

This week I had the opportunity to meet a nice group of people from the New Britain Lions Club. I was a guest speaker for them on Tuesday. It was quite an honor for me. I was a bit nervous, but muddled through it somehow.

My New England Patriots won this past weekend. It will be interesting to see how they do against the New York Giants. I think Tom Brady wants revenge. The Giants are tough. I expect a great game.

This week’s paper starts off with snow. It’s always good to have reminders about the weather. Everybody cares about the weather and there is some important information in the story.

Although, I did not write a story about this I want you to know we had a bear sighting in New Britain. On Saturday a family saw a bear in its backyard on Marlin Dr. If you see it, take a picture and send it in to us. I think they hide out in the woods near CCSU. I’m not sure why it wasn’t hibernating.

The Superintendent of Schools released his budget this week showing an increase of 11.5 percent. That’s a big number so we will see what happens. Our Facebook group “New Britain City Journal” was abuzz with opinions about it. If you have the chance please join in. The conversation alone will make you think and perhaps understand what goes on in the City.

A photo from “I Remember New Britain” is on page 6. Don’t miss it as it becomes a regular addition to our paper.

On our business page we have news of the opening of The Bistro at Roma. There is a new chef and the owner wants to take advantage of their nice dining room. Prices seem to be reasonable too. They are taking reservations for Valentine’s Day so check them out!

Roma is the sponsor of our sports page so we feel particularly special about them.

I love our recipes this week. It is comfort foods. On a cold day there is nothing better than comfort food. There are some easy recipes that are just perfect for this time of year.

Okay, are you ready for my joke from Facebook? I’ve heard from a lot of people who get a kick out of them.

“Sometimes when you cry no one sees your tears. Sometimes when you are happy no one sees you smile. But Fart just ONE time. And everybody knows!”

LOL. I could not resist putting that one up.

Until next week, keep your gas quiet and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!



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