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Can you believe how close it is to Christmas? December seems to fly by.

Santa Claus came to New Britain Tuesday night and helped light our Christmas tree. The same tree seen in the movie “A Very Merry Toy Store”.

It’s a fun time of year. I enjoy all the hoopla around the holiday. It makes me feel jolly.

There is a lot in our paper this week.

The first place winners of our Top 10 are shown with their certificates on pages 2 and 3. Congratulations to all of them. We will have more Top 10 categories for 2018.

The new skateboard park has officially opened at Stanley quarter Park. So many youth and adults were using the park on Saturday. It is nice to see them back. It looks very nice. See page 1 for more details.

Ald. Robert Smedley led a group to decorate the first floor of New Britain High School. What a great idea. He is always thinking outside the box. It was nice to see a local business and volunteers come together for a nice cause. I bet more students are smiling this week. See story on page 1.

The New Britain Industrial Museum opened on Saturday. I love the new location. I think it will become more popular than ever. See page 3.

Mother Jennifer wants me to let residents know that the trees around the road leading up to Prudence Crandall are being removed because they are dying. New adult trees will go up in their place so do not worry. A photo of the trees are on page?

Many may notice I have not written a story about the Tim Stewart controversy. Although I do not like the way he worded what he said, I believe this is a political attack against him. I grew up on Oak Street so that area is very close to my heart. I still have relatives who live there. I went to Smalley School and loved every minute of it.

Under Mayor Erin Stewart, the City has put millions of dollars into that area. Still, I would like to see it improved even more. The City needs to work together on the area and not divide people through political attacks. The City only wins if both sides stop fighting. That is my dream.

Let’s lighten this up with a joke.

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for fresh prints.

I loved that TV show.

Until next week, don’t be divisive and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!


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