Bee Seen Around New Britain: New Britain Pride

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New Britain Pride, the city’s 501(C)3 LGBT nonprofit, has been busy at work since our  founding back in August – establishing ourselves as an organization, recruiting members,  and starting to plan events and educational opportunities. Over the next five months  we have are in the process of planning multiple events leading up to our June Pride  Month Celebration!   I want to take a moment to thank President Pro  Tempore Eva Magnuszewski and Minority  Leader Robert Smedley for pledging their  dedication and support in a bipartisan  approach for New Britain Pride.

Human rights  should not be a political issue and I am glad  that the leadership of this new Council believes  that. Mayor Erin Stewart, as our honorary chair,  has ensured that we have the full support of the City as we move forward in this effort to  create and sustain New Britain as a inviting and  welcoming city.

As we continue to build support in the City we will be meeting with both internal and  external stakeholders and interested parties. The LGBT Center at CCSU and Central  Connecticut State University President Zulma Toro, as well as many other community  organizations, will play an important role as we bring this celebration together.

Today,we are announcing that we are  launching the “City of Pride Fund” as a  way for members of the community to  become engaged with the effort to build  a stronger, more accepting, and tolerant  “All American” New Britain! We hope all  have the opportunity to donate to this  effort to make a pride celebration possible for our community.

We meet once a month at City Hall. If you are interested in attending a meeting please  email or visit our facebook, @NewBritainPride or website, If you wish to donate click this link: “City of Pride Fund”.

(John Board is the Founder & President/Chairman/CEO of New Britain Pride. New Britain Pride is a  nonpartisan organization whose goal is to spread understanding and advocate for the LGBT  community through pride celebrations, advocacy, and education.)



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