Berlin Police Take Part in No Shave November

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Chief John Klett has authorized members of the Berlin Police Department to participate in “No Shave November” and has waived the standard grooming policy during the month of November in order to allow officers to grow facial hair in support of this national campaign. Members of the Berlin Police Department will be participating in #NoShaveNovember and are asking for your support!

#NoShaveNovember challenges participants to forgo shaving in order to provoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Every dollar raised supports the efforts to fund cancer research and education, help prevent the disease and aid those fighting the battle. Each whisker grown allows us to embrace our hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatment.

Members of the Berlin Police Department are required to donate the money that would typically be spent on shaving and grooming to cancer research and awareness. To participate each member will be required to donate $50 and will also be seeking additional donations so we reach our fund-raising goal of $2000. When questioned about their facial hair, participating officers will provide information to citizens about the campaign and our fund raising efforts.

Each day, 22,000 people die from cancer worldwide (WHO). There’s a good chance that someone you know and love will be affected by this disease. Nearly half of cancer diagnoses and deaths are preventable. No-Shave November’s mission is to not only raise funds for cancer research and treatment but to educate the population about

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preventative measures. For over six years, participants around the globe have put down their razors and foregone their hair appointments to join the fight against cancer.

The No-Shave November campaign has successfully raised over $3.5 million dollars to combat this disease. Each whisker grown allows us to embrace our hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatment. Will you join us? You can start by using this link:

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