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Here we go, one day closer to Halloween. We are still looking for volunteers to be trunk or treaters on Halloween as well as raffle donations. Our raffle is Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. at Grand Pizza on Main St. Candy donations can be made at the Downtown District, 66 Main St.

If you want to participate or help with a donation, email me at nbcityjournal@yahoo.com

I am excited to start this week’s paper with information on getting discounted drug prescriptions. Even if you already have prescription insurance, this may help get you more savings. Every single resident could save a few dollars from this. Look for it in your mail and send it in. It is free. See page 1 for more.

Also, we may finally get LED streetlights. It is good for the earth and saves money. I love all these cost savings idea of the Mayor.

Also, if you are a beekeeper please see the regulations in the page 1 story. I didn’t know we had very many beekeepers. They are important, but I could not do it. Bees terrify me.

Also on page 1 is a story about keeping the board of education having one member from each party at the top for the president and vice president. I am disappointed this did not pass. I do not like one party rule no matter if it is Republican or Democrat. Everyone should have an equal say. It forces the two parties to work together and I like that. I understand it is not the same as the Mayor and Pro-tem. I believe those two should be from the same party. Maybe the third in line should be from another party. But, BOE is different. Politics should stay out of it. See story on the board of education on the bottom of page 1.

On page 2 is a story about what Mayor Erin Stewart and the City department heads are doing to keep us financially okay without having a State budget.

On page 3 and 4 are more candidate profiles. There is information about both parties. Read before voting. More profiles will be out in the next three weeks.

My joke of the week was emailed to me by a reader.

Q: Why do gorillas have large nostrils?

A: Because they have big fingers.

Until next week, be glad you have small fingers and keep reading New Britain’s Number 1 Most Trusted Newspaper!


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