A Campaign for New Britain, By New Britain

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By now, nearly every voter, every reader of this journal has seen our candidates campaigning throughout New Britain. All summer, sweating up the steep hills of our little city, our eager Democrats and their supporters, bringing a message of renewal to our hard-hitting town. Lead by the hardest worker, our candidate for mayor, Merrill Gay, we have knocked on thousands of doors. “Team New Britain,” we call ourselves, each of us pulling for the other.

Peoples’ Fundraising

How do you win an election? Wearing out your shoes and your butt, knocking on doors and making phone calls. Opening your wallet. Campaigns cost money, to pay our underpaid staff, to buy stamps, to print our literature…Where does the cash come from? Most of it, right here in New Britain. We have held dozens of fund-raising parties, in our beautiful homes, and in the humble halls of New Britain, feeding folks pancakes and hotdogs and pasta, collecting hundreds of small donations.

We also are proud of the people around the state who have caught wind of our great effort here, and want to chip in. Union factory workers, teachers, construction workers have recognized the value of our candidates.

You are going to see us under attack for our widespread support. Please don’t be fooled. This is the broadest campaign in many years in our city. All the neighboring towns are taking notice. If we win, we will help them too. Our opponents are relying on big ticket donations from high-rolling, out-of-town Republicans. Their campaign is sadly lacking in local energy. They are counting on tearing us down, slinging mud.


Our slate of candidates is from every major ethnic group in town. We have the whole spectrum of ages, tending toward youth, and we are fully half women. Sisterhood is giving us a tremendous boost of energy. The crown jewel of our fund raising will be a women’s concert at Trinity-on-Main this Sunday, October 15, with a reception at 6:00 and the music at 7:30. Go to the Democratic Town Committee website or Facebook for tickets.

Donald Trump’s horrible assault on women and Latinos and Muslims has energized a powerful fightback in our neighborhoods.

Trusted Leadership

We approach this election confident that we have done everything possible to prepare our message and bring it to the voters. Our campaign has been guided by the most experienced leaders in New Britain. People like Don Defronzo, John McNamara, Shirley Black, and Bobby Sanchez, just to name a few. They covered the whole city to recruit and train our energetic slate. Don says that this was “the most exhaustive search” in his memory.

Are our candidates perfect? No. Only the best.

Want to help? Come to our humble headquarters on 19 Bassett, any evening. We’ll find something for you to do.


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