Make the Right Choice

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It’s about 1 month till Election Day. Voters will go to the polls to choose the leaders of our city. They will have a choice to make.

-They will have to choose if they want a leader who was willing to make the hard choices that brought our city from a $30 million deficit to a surplus and brought us an unprecedented 4 notch upgrade in our credit rating.

-They will have to choose if they want a leader who has brought over 600 new jobs to the city and created a business environment where companies and entrepreneurs want to do business here.

-They will have to choose if they want a leader who has the most diverse administration in the history of the city.

-They will have to choose if they want a leader who has increased funding to our schools and is in the process of building their 2nd remodeled school.

-They will have to choose if they want a leader who has turned our city into a model of fiscal management while other cities in the state are considering bankruptcy or dissolving.

-They will have to choose a party who has pushed for a positive message in this city while their opposition has pushed negativity and pettiness rather than a serious discussion of the issues.

-Finally, they will have to choose a leader who has created an open government while her opponents have been spreading half-truths and inaccurate information in the hopes of winning.

The right choice in this election is Erin Stewart. To quote a former President, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Remember that 4 years ago we had a mayor from the other party that passed a budget with fake numbers that lead to 1 of the largest deficits in city history. We had an admistration that lack of attentiveness allowed businesses to leave our city, or in the case of Costco’s, almost never come here.

Erin Stewart not only brought back office hours, but opened to social media so that people can reach out to her anywhere. She also found resources for our city departments to modernize operations for efficiency and better service. Her predecessor also cut off on public participation at our Common Council meetings rather than allow opposing voices to be heard.

The Republican slate is not only made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, but by members of people of different ethnic groups and backgrounds. There are more women and minorities serving in elected office and on commissions than in the history of New Britain.

Meanwhile, members of the opposition are spreading lies and half truths about her all over town. They are trying to paint her as something she isn’t in hopes that the voters she her a different way. Well, the voters of this city are better than that. They will make the right choice.


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