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The New Britain City Journal asked those running for Common Council this November to write profiles about themselves for the paper. Below are submissions from the candidates that responded.

Ward 3

Iris Sanchez and Aram Ayalon (D)

Iris Sanchez and Aram Ayalon, the two candidates for city council in Ward 3, are running for office on a platform of more social programs for the working class and the elderly, as well as protecting and enhancing our natural water and air quality resources.


Aram is a professor of Education at CCSU, and was a member of the Board of Ed between 2007-2014. He also holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. He has been involved with the Democratic party at the state and local level working on campaigns between 2006 and the present.


Iris graduated from High School in Puerto Rico in 1992, and moved to New Britain in 1994. She graduated from the American Institute in West Hartford in the field of Billing and Coding. A long time democrat and a volunteer at HRA of New Britain, in the VITA program helping clients with their tax returns.

Aram feels strongly in increasing alternative energy use a the city level and reducing pollution. He believes the key to a better New Britain is investments in public housing, school, and natural resources. Iris believes in many of the same issues, with a particular focus on community programs for children happening inside of the schools, giving them recreational, artistic and athletic opportunities.

Jason Gibson (R)


Jason Gibson will be running for city council with an abundance of experience working within our community and with our students. Jason has worked at the Boys and Girls Club of New Britain for 25 years as well as working as a part time attendance monitor for the Consolidated School District of New Britain. Jason is also commissioner of the Housing Authority Board and a member of the Board of Directors at Hoops for the Homeless. Jason’s extensive work within the community can bring an abundance of experience to our leadership and their ability to work with the diverse community New Britain has to offer.

Joel Moret (R)


Motivated by the current leadership, Joel Moret wants to do all he can to help make New Britain the best place it can be. Joel is most concerned with being a strong voice for his community, improving education, maintaining fiscal stability and taking a non-biased approach towards decision making. Joel is a husband and father to three children and is currently a graduate student pursuing his goal of becoming an applied behavioral analyst. Joel also volunteers his time to the Greater Harvest Church, the New Britain Latino Coalition, and is a board director for HRA of New Britain. Joel’s constant work ethic and determination to turn good into better will be the perfect fit for a result driven city council.

Ward 4

Don Naples (R-Incumbent)


New Britain has made great progress during the past four years, but much unfinished business remains. I’d like to continue to be a part of it. Areas where I feel I can make a difference include neighborhood relations, business development, Public Works projects, off-campus housing, blight and water issues. I’ve also been working steadily to identify and remove discrepancies and inconsistencies in New Britain City Ordinances and Zoning Regulations. Sending resident ideas and complaints to the appropriate City department is an important part of the job as a Council member, as is follow-up. It takes a lot of time, but can be very rewarding.

Born and raised in New Britain. Eagle Scout. Veteran: Career U.S. Coast Guard officer; retired with rank of Captain. Nine years’ local government experience as telecommunications manager in the General Services Agency, County of Alameda, CA. Owned and operated retail computer business in Newington. Information Systems consultant/instructor. Elected to Common Council in November, 2013; reelected in 2015.

Education: NBHS graduate; college degrees: B.S. (Electronics Engineering), M.S. (Information Systems), M.B.A. (Telecommunications Management)

Other activities:

  • Active in Veterans’ issues and projects
  • Spearheaded restoration of WWII monument at John Campbell Square
  • Completed Citizens Police Academy Course hosted by NBPD
  • Chair, City of New Britain Claims Committee
  • Volunteer and strong supporter of local non-profit organizations
  • Treasurer, Hartford Chapter, Barbershop Harmony Society
  • Member, Board of Governors, CT Society of Genealogists
  • Member, Constitution State Classics Car Club (sponsor of annual New Britain Car Show)
  • Voter Registration: Unaffiliated (member of Republican Caucus)

Robert Smedley (R-Incumbent)


Our great City has reached an important point. We have conquered balancing a budget, pushed to finish projects such as Broad Streets improvements and have made significant upgrades to our parks such as Stanley Quarter ball fields, Chesley Park Turf Field and ADA compliance to Veterans football stadium. I would like to be part of the continued success that will prove New Britain is the place to work, live, grow and raise a family. Areas that I can help make a difference include our School System where I am employed fulltime, neighborhood relations with CCSU students, arts and entertainment and public safety.

Born and raised in New Britain. Holy Cross School Alumni, New Britain High School Alumni and 2007 UCONN alumni- Bachelor Degree in Sociology. Police Explorer for 7 years and now advisor to the youth law enforcement program. Mobile Disc-Jockey, former radio show personality and intern on Sirius Satellite Radio. Currently, the Director of Facilities and Security for New Britain High School managing a 500,000 sq. ft. facility. As the former Energy Manager, I was responsible for helping generate more than 5 million dollars in cost savings by reducing wasted energy throughout the school district and managed the installation of fuel cell that generates electricity of NBHS. Project management of renovations to our theater facility at NBHS included a 3 million dollar lighting project, complete replacement of a digital sound system and new drapery. Proud member of the New Britain Pride Committee, member of the Cadet Police Academy Executive board, Chair of the Admin Finance and Law committee and sitting member of the claims committee. Proud father of a rescue pit bull named Beauty.

Ann Speyer and Bobby Berriault (D)

Ann Speyer and Bobby Berriault are running for city council in ward 4 on the Democratic ticket alongside Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay for the Nov. 7th Municipal elections. They both have been deeply involved in the local Democratic party and share a belief that the city can have more social programs benefiting all of New Britain’s people.


Bobby is involved in more than a few political and community organizations, including the Democratic Town Committee, being President of Our Revolution Central CT Chapter, Vice President of Greater Hartford Young Democrats, and a Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns, to name a few. He received a Bachelor’s degree from CCSU and is currently enrolled in Law School.


Ann was a teacher in New Britain public schools for 22 years, and holds a Masters degree in Music Education. She is als involved in many organizations, including the New Britain area League of Women Voters and serves as the secretary of the New Britain Democratic Town Committee.

Both of them are well known by people involved in politics and particularly people involved with the New Britain Democrats. They know how important quality education is, how much New Britain needs responsible fiscal growth, and as Ann put it, “Quality of life for all of New Britain’s communities.”


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