The Library to the Rescue with Mobile Printing

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Ok so you’re home and go to print off a document which, of course, you need now but your printer isn’t working or you are out of ink. Or you are already on the road when you remember you needed to print something to bring with you. The library to the rescue! Send what you need printed to the library via the Internet or an email, from your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer, from wherever you are, library included, and it will be ready for you to print on your arrival.

That’s not all that the two new copiers at the library can do. In addition to black and white copies for 15¢ each, we can now offer color copies at 25¢ each, two sided printing, and faxing for $1 a page. You can also enlarge documents with a preview feature so you see it before you print it, ensuring you get it to the right size. It will also scan documents to your flash drive for free. And don’t forget we also have a large format flatbed scanner which will scan documents, articles, or photos which can be emailed, scanned to a flash drive or saved on google docs. It’s a great way to digitize that special old photo.

To get started for mobile printing, you will need to register one time at Enter your email address and select New Britain Public Library from the drop down list. Once you have registered, you can email your job, as an attachment to or or upload it by going directly to BritainPL. To upload, choose the file you want to be printed, along with the choice of black and white or color, press submit. A “file uploaded successfully” message will display to verify it went through and give you a job number. Remember your job number; you will need to enter in the copier on your arrival at the library. Once you arrive at the library, the copiers are located on the main floor near the Check Out Desk. Put in your cash, press print and enter your job ID. Select the job to print or print all if you sent more than one item. No worries, if you don’t come in to print, it will disappear. Another solution provided by the library to make your life easier.


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