Firm Hired for AW Stanley Renovations

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Renovation of A.W. Stanley Park, including a new pool, paths, parking lot, basketball and baseball fields has taken another step forward.

The firm of Banton Construction of North Haven was approved by the Common Council to move forward at a cost of $5.4 million.

“It is not just for the pool. It is for the renovation for the entire park,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “There will also be environmental work, paths and a trail around the pond.”

The process had been held up for several reasons. First, there was an error in the calculation of the flood plain which did not allow for permission to build the pool. This was taken care of by the architect. Secondly, the project had to be scaled back as it cost more funds than bonded. Initially $8 million was bonded for the project over a year ago.The scope of the pool was also reduced.

The new pool will be on the other side of where the pool is presently near the pool house. The new baseball field is being built because there are so many youth playing at the New Britain Little League.

The current pool has had various issues. Children have had cement stuck in their feet. Their feet have bled. Many of the walls and floors have become hollow.

The concrete underneath the pool is also no good. When the City puts concrete on top it causes it to fall apart.

Construction is expected to begin this month.


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