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It’s time to pick football teams. Last year I finished the season 173-81.

This year I hope to do even better.

New England 35, Kansas City 21 – The Patriots will score plenty of points. Can the Chiefs keep up. I doubt it.

Buffalo 28, NY Jets 16 – It is going to be a tough year for the Jets.

Atlanta Falcons 33, Chicago 9 – We shall see if Atlanta is for real this year.

Houston 20, Jacksonville 17 -Taking the home team.

Philadelphia 24, Washington 23 – Could go either way.

Detroit, 35, Arizona 28 – Just a gut feeling.

Oakland 24, Tennessee 20 – I like Oakland in this one.

Tampa Bay 24, Miami 13 – Not liking the Dolphins this year.

Cincinnati 27, Baltimore 23 – A great battle.

Pittsburgh 38, Cleveland 13 – Not sure it will be that close.

Los Angeles 24, Indianapolis 13 – No QB in Indy.

Green Bay 30, Seattle 27 – A tough one to call. A must watch game.

Carolina 27, San Francisco 10 – 49ers are still horrible

NY Giants 32, Dallas 30 – Could go either way. Best game of the week.

Minnesota 34, New Orleans 31 – A lot of points.

Denver 26, LA Chargers 24 -Home team advantage.

I am picking Dallas to win the NFC and New England in the AFC. Runner-ups are Seattle and Pittsburgh. I expect those four teams to excel. I have to also keep Atlanta high until they prove otherwise. Green Bay is also strong.

Top 5 Power Rankings

  1. New England
  2. Atlanta
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Dallas
  5. Seattle

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