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Investigators Find Spirits at Frosty Mug

For years, tales were told about dead bodies being hidden in the basement of a city bar. But in the past few years the stories have not been the only unusual thing taking place at the Frosty Mug, 269 Beaver St.

The tavern has experienced some very odd happenings and an investigative team has come to see exactly what is going on at the location.

The owners of the Frosty Mug started noticing some strange things occurring about two years ago when the city road realignment took down the bedrock in the area.

Bob the manager (as he prefers to be known) started hearing voices, such as a whisper and footsteps. Knives fell off the wall, salt and pepper shakers moved and pool cues have fallen numerous times. Smells such as floral and sulfur have been found in the basement.

“I got nervous (when he smelled sulfur). I checked the water heaters,” said Bob. “It wasn’t anything.”

One patron was sure his pant leg was tugged. He thought Bob had done it and told him that was funny.

“I didn’t do it,” Bob said. “No one else could have done it.”

Two final events were the last straw for Bob. One was going to the basement and having a blackbird fly across the room where there was no visible way for one to be in the room. And second was when he placed a chair in the basement. The next day a mousetrap open and ready to be used had been placed under the chair.

“There was no way for that mousetrap to be there,” he said. “I had not put it there.”

Reconn Supernatural Syndicate of Middletown run by Mike Cronin and Roland Barnett has been in the bar several times investigating. The pair have been investigating haunted locations for over six years.

They have heard six different voices indicating six different spirits in the basement near the “dead bodies” sign where the most activity took place. There are two females and two males. The other two voices could not be made out. They have seen movements, orbs (paranormal believers theorize orbs represent the energy patterns of ghosts or entities), other odd occurrences and even captured a screen shot of a full body apparition.

“I was recording on my phone and I saw it on video and then when I came back it was gone,” said Cronin. “I thought it was Bob, but Bob wasn’t down there. It doesn’t look like him at all. And it has a hat on. Bob never wore a hat. I screen captured it.”

On tape several voices could be heard including one saying “bummer” when they told the spirit they were leaving. Another voice said “at the bar” as a question was asked about an employee. Unknown to the group the employee was at the bar at that moment. Several times answers were directly related to questions asked.

“We have been here six times and every time we have been here something different has happened,” said Cronin.

The newest was a backpack seen on video being smashed and tipped over. Plastic containers were also caught moving in the kitchen.

“I would say this place is haunted, but not in a bad way,” said Barnett. “There is nothing here anyone should be worried about.”

The building was built in 1927. In 1934 it became the Cozy Tavern, a place for locals to hangout.

“One side was a barber shop and one side was a restaurant,” said Barnett. “With the amount of businesses, there could have been prohibition, a brothel or any kind of things. It is layers and layers of energy of people being here. It’s never the same thing.”

The pair uses EMF detectors (measure AC electromagnetic fields), spirit boxes (a device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequencies) and video to capture signs of the dead.

“We heard on the spirit box a woman say ‘fire on command’. Seconds after that the fire truck alarms went off,” said Cronin. “Back in the day when there was a fire they would say ‘fire on command’.”

The group believes there could be several reasons for the hauntings.

An underground brook goes through the bar and its parking lot. Water is a known medium for spirits. It could have began because of the recent renovations. Or Bob said, maybe he just wasn’t paying attention.

Bob spoke to the owner of the former restaurant owner Jim Fournier of Meadowlands. He said nothing happened, but his daughters said strange things happened. They did not elaborate, according to Bob.

Two more teams are coming to investigate and see if they can help the spirits move on.

“If they want help moving on, we want to help them,” said Bob. “If they want to be here, I don’t want to upset them and kick them out of their house.”

Bob said the spirits do not seem threatening and are more mischievous than anything else. Although they have not found a name to the spirits, they call it “Millie”.

Tavern patrons seem to enjoy the odd occurrences at Frosty Mug, but not just anyone is allowed to investigate.

“We are not looking for any more investigators,” said Bob. “No one else is allowed to go downstairs.”

More information will be coming about the spirited bar in the next few months as the investigation continues.

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