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I was very happy to see Aaron Judge moved down the lineup on Tuesday night. I would have benched him at least a day and then made the move. I also would have moved him to at least fifth.

Manager Joe Girardi is making too many excuses for him as well as Aroldis Chapman. More on that later.

Judge has played in nearly every game this year. He could be tired. He now holds the longest continuous strikeout in number of games by a hitter record. Not a record to be proud of owning.

It seemed that benching Gary Sanchez worked. He was benched a game and came back strong. Although his catching leaves a lot to be desired. How many passed balls does he have?

Our closer Chapman is also still scary. Girardi has to learn to bench players instead of thinking they will come back after blowing a game four times in a row.

Most of this years failures are Girardi’s fault. He has been too loyal to players and it has hurt the team. It is almost like he is afraid to hurt someone’s feeling. This is the big leagues. You either perform or you are gone.

I no longer support him. Next year we need to make a manager move.

While the Yankees are not World Series material this year, in my eyes, the season has brought a lot of excitement. I expect to see a lot more and hope to see at least one playoff game. It would be nice to take first place away from the Red Sox. I don’t think Boston is going too far either.

This week we take on Seattle and Cleveland. It would be great to see the team play better before facing Boston again on Aug. 31.

With a few necessary changes, I think it is possible. Go Yankees!

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