“Laissez Les Bons Temps Router”-Let the Good Times Roll!

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Many, many, many, many (ok, not that many) years ago when I was in middle school, CPTV did a special broadcast, a fake news one before there was even a term for it, about Boston and New York City both invading Connecticut because they wanted to take us over before the other one did.

The special was filled with funny segments about various towns and features of our state. The one I remember the most was “New Britain Nomads”. The segment was about a couple trying to find their way around town, but they kept getting lost due to our “confusing” roads. One-way signs suddenly appearing, closed roads, rundown buildings making the roads look creepy, and even a highway sign in the middle of an empty lot.

It was hilarious and admittedly true. It wasn’t a good image of my hometown, to say the least.

Flash forward a few years, and our city is in bad shape. Businesses were closing. City politicians, who should be promoting businesses in town, were picketing a major retailer about their employment practices and resulted in that retailer closing their New Britain store. Another retailer is proposing opening a store, and instead of helping them move here, the city leaders are complaining about it and causing delays.

City finances were also in bad shape, and our leaders proposed a budget that made no sense. For example, it proposed that a city parking garage that barely earned $150,000 in a year, would suddenly earn over $2,000,000 the next without any justification. The city’s bonding ability was almost maxed out because they decided to bond a purchase over 30 years that most cities pay off in 5. The city was on the way to a $30,000,000 deficit, and the Democratic Mayor was considering selling out ENTIRE water department to make it up.

Then came Mayor Erin!

Since Erin Stewart was elected:

She went through our finances, eliminated projects that we didn’t need, eliminated waste in city hall, and turned a $30 million deficit into a $15 million surplus. National rating agencies rewarded us with 2 rating upgrades so now we are at A+.

She advocated and found the money to not just renovate, but rebuild 2 city schools. She also has put additional money to support to our school district while living within our means.

Our roads are improving too. Unsafe intersections are being redone. An old bridge is being reinforced and replaced with one that will become a tourist attraction. Downtown has also become more pedestrian friendly and much safer.

While Democrats protested New Britain businesses and scared them away, she has helped bring over 60 new businesses and 750 jobs to town.

Before where there was nothing to do, now we have community activities all year long. Those New Britain Nomads come here now to celebrate and say, “Let the Good Times Roll!!!”



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