Timing Calls for Frugality

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Last week unprecedented raises were given to the chief financial officer, the chief talent officer and assistant chief talent officer.

Some Board of education members claim the positions are underpaid which makes it difficult to staff. Opposition claims the City is poor and can’t afford raises.

Both views make sense. The problem is these positions are already some of the highest paid in the City.

At a time when the board of education is claiming there is not enough money to keep classroom numbers low and the State has not finalized a budget, is it wise to give away money? No one knows if New Britain will even get the funds it budgeted for already from the State.

There is no doubt these positions are critical. But they already make more than many other top positions in the City.

Residents were unhappy to see the Mayor’s position (who makes less than these folks) seek a raise recently. Therefore, it never happened.

But, is it okay for residents to see these high paying positions receive more money? Where is the outrage?

The average New Britain resident makes about $40,000 a year. These school positions will now receive over $150,000.

Aren’t we a poor City? Why are we comparing ourselves to Simsbury or Avon?

We will never be a rich suburb. We are a diverse City. If applicants don’t want $150,000 then the positions around the State are paying too much.

This money would have been better spent adding a new teacher for our overcrowded classrooms.

The City Journal has always supported education. It will continue to do so, but we cannot support using funds as though we have it to give away.

If the Board of Education wants more funding in the future, it needs to show the Common Council that it knows how to be frugal.

These raises did not get that message across.


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