Public Information Meeting Planned for Eddy Glover Blvd

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The City will hold a public information meeting on Eddy Glover Boulevard safety improvements to get input from residents on Aug. 1 at 6 p.m. at City Hall in Room 504.

“We did a preliminary design of safety improvements. It will reconfigure the area,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “It is very confusing. We have a lot of accidents and near misses on Eddy Glover Blvd.”

This proposed project will reconfigure the section of Eddy Glover Boulevard between McClintock Street and Commonwealth Avenue to a large modified traffic circle, thereby reducing conflict points and normalizing traffic operations on this confusing section of roadway. Planned work also includes new paving, replacement of existing curbs with granite curbing, drainage work, new sidewalks, ADA upgrades, new landscaping, new signage, and other related improvements.

“The boulevard has been a troublesome area in our City for many years due to its confusing layout. We are excited to begin work soon on making this a safer, more inviting neighborhood for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “We want to encourage people to attend. Especially those that live in the neighborhood. We will be looking for their feedback.”

There will be an opportunity to review the proposed plans.

Based upon preliminary assessment, the construction cost will be approximately $1.04 million. The Federal Highway Administration will provide approximately 90 percent of the construction cost with the City providing approximately 10 percent.

“A ten percent match is a really good match,” said Stewart. “It will be a relatively quick project compared to many of the other projects we have in town.”

Work is expected to begin in the spring of 2018 and be substantially complete by the fall of 2018.

The public is invited to attend.



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