Gay, Stewart Chosen as Political Parties Finalize Endorsements

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The Democrats endorsed Merrill Gay for Mayor on July 20 while the Republicans supported incumbent Mayor Erin Stewart on July 24.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the Democratic nomination for mayor of New Britain,” said Gay. “The people of New Britain deserve to know what both mine and my opponent’s vision for New Britain are and whether or not we are here for the long haul. That is why I am challenging my opponent to four debates. This campaign promises to be an exciting one and I am confident that the team we have assembled will work as a unit to build a better New Britain.”

Gay was endorsed this week by the United Auto Workers and the Working Families Party.

Mayor Stewart said in her acceptance speech that bringing a City back from bankruptcy was not an easy thing to do and she said she talks about it a lot because she does not want to go backwards.

“People in the City are working. We have jobs, but we are working to see those jobs get better wages. That is the next step. It takes a lot of hard work,” said Stewart. “Four years ago New Britain was a very different place. It was distressed and sad. Now, we have incredible things going on. We have come so far. We are being inclusive. We don’t care what party you are Republican, Democrat or unaffiliated. If you area good person and care about the future of the City of New Britain and don’t have egotistical political ambitions, we want you to be a part of our team.”

Democrats endorsed a common council slate of two incumbents and 13 new candidates.

Alderman at large includes Emmanuel Sanchez, Eva Magnuszewski, Yvonne Muniz, Katie Breslin and Richard Reyes.

Ward 1 candidates are Veronica DeLandro and Molly McGuire; Ward 2 Lamar Bowsky and Brian Keith Albert; Ward 3 Iris Sanchez and Aram Ayalon; Ward 4 Robert Berriault and Michael Gendron and Ward 5 incumbent Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. and Francisco Santiago.

Republicans endorsed aldermen at large incumbents Tremell Collins, Jim Sanders, Jr., Daniel Davis, Daniel Salerno and newcomer Desiree Costa. Jamie Giantonio and Willie Pabon, will represent Ward 1. Kristian Rosado and Jerrell Hargraves, will represent Ward 2. Jason Gibson and Joel Moret will run in Ward 3. Don Naples and Robert Smedley, will represent Ward 4. Miriam Geraci, Board of Education member and Carmelo Rodriguez, will seek seats in Ward 5.

Getting the nod for Board of Education by the Democratic party are incumbent Daisy Sanchez as well as Annie Parker and Violette Sims.

Republican incumbents Nick Mercier and Mallory Deprey are seeking re-election to the Board of Education as is newcomer Nancy Rodriguez.

The Democrats chose Ron Jakubowski for treasurer, Mark Bernacki for town clerk and Lanette Spranzo Macaruso for tax collector.

Republicans chose incumbents Mark Bernacki for town clerk, Cheryl Blogoslawski for tax collector and Mark Degrandis as treasurer.

Bernacki was the only candidate endorsed by both parties.

“When I received the call last week that the Democratic Party was interested in endorsing me I said ‘thank you’ because I think we are doing a great job at the town clerks office,” said Bernacki. “Without Mayor’s Stewart drive and financing to get us running, we couldn’t do that.”

Democrats chose Wyatt Bosworth and Georgette Cicero for board of assessment appeals, while Republicans chose Todd Cheney and Alex Carver.

Democratic constables chosen are Tom Shields, Willie Justiniano, Patrice Smith and Peter Spano.

Dick Moreno, Sean Steele, Al Zaniewski and Tom Talalaj were endorsed to run as constables for the Republicans.

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