Editor’s Note 7/20/2017

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I hope nobody reads the paper this week because you are all on vacation. Obviously if you are reading this then you are not one of the lucky ones.

In the summertime, I really wish I was a kid and had July and August off. It seems too hot to work. Not a lot is happening in the City this month, but we’ve brought you what we can.

Are you attending the summer concert series at Walnut Hill Park? I have gone a few times. It is a nice night out. On Wednesday the Petzapalooza was held. I didn’t bring my dog this time, but enjoyed all the booths and information. It’s a top notch event.

It’s not that far to back to school, but parents are concerned about the schools’ new dress code. Read the story on page 1 and be prepared for the change. Blue, white and khaki are the new colors.

The Republicans announced most of their slate. Hopefully, the Democrats will send me information on their slate as well.

Did you see the two committee chair columns on this page?

I asked the Mayor this week if she said she was running for Governor and she said, “I said I would make a decision and or an announcement in January of 2018.”

I think she will run for something. Not sure if it is Governor. But, she is also getting married so she may not want to yet. Time will tell.

This week we updated you on The Bees Across New Britain. This is such a special event. It is artsy, yet business oriented and fun. I can’t wait to see it progress. Read page 2 for all the latest.

On page 3 we wrote about the improvements at Veteran’s Stadium. All City facilities should be handicapped accessible. The new improvements should also improve our chances of getting the Special Olympics. Way to go NB!

Be sure to go to the 10th Annual Abilities Walk and Roll in celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Wednesday night. It is a one of a kind event.

Did you see Berlin’s Ryan Preece finished second at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway? See story on page 7.

Here are my next two jokes sent in to me.

Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, “I was artificially inseminated this morning.” “I don’t believe you,” says Dolly. “It’s true, no bull!” exclaims Daisy.


An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either.

Until next week, stay visible and keep reading New Britain’s Most Trusted Newspaper!



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