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I was hoping that we could begin this year’s local elections on a positive note, but unfortunately, I am seeing the lies from the local Democratic party beginning already. I’ve been reading Facebook posts from potential candidates running for office on the other side, and it’s no surprise that I’m reading lies, and twisted truths.

Where to begin? First, The sale of the Patton Brook well. This issue is dead, the sale was revoked, the city still owns it, so why make an issue out of something that isn’t one? We have all read the numerous articles and letters to the editor regarding the truth on this well, the city would have to spend over $1 million to re-connect it. In these trying financial times, our money is better spent reinvesting in the 27 Wells that we own in Bristol, which can produce more water for our customers then this 1 well ever could. The mayor is not trying to sell our water system, she has said numerous times that is not even an option. What the other side neglects to say is that our mayor’s predecessor, a Democrat, did in fact negotiate with the MDC to sell all our water assets to them.

Another lie being spread is that her administration isn’t diverse. There has never been a more diverse group of leaders of our community then there is right now. After being sworn in in 2013, Mayor Stewart, a woman, appointed the most women to commissions in the history of our city. She also publicly requested through media outlets that residents apply for city commissions. Anyone who applied was considered based on merits, a philosophy advocated for by Dr. King himself. She has countless examples of reaching out to our faith based communities, our ethnic groups, and has gone into every corner of this city to attract more minorities and women to serve in a leadership capacity.

I’m running out of space to address these mistruths, but another one is that the mayor keeps raising taxes. Yes, she was forced to raise taxes-to close a $30 million deficit left to her by the previous democrat administration. She was extremely public and transparent about that process, and that was back in 2014. There becomes a balance with the programs and services we rely on and expect in our community, and the diminishing funds from the state. As we see less and less state aid, I ask, where are our democratic state representatives? Isn’t that their responsibility? It seems our mayor has spent more time advocating on our behalf at the state capital not just for municipal aid, but education funding, then our own representatives have.

These are only some of the lies that are being spread by the local Democratic Party. In her four years as Mayor, Erin Stewart has worked very hard to improve our city, you can’t drive anywhere in this town without seeing the fruits of her labor.


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