School District Reminds Parents of Universal Uniform

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The Consolidated School District of New Britain will have a new universal dress code for the 2017-2018 school year for all elementary and middle schools. The departments wants all residents to be reminded of it so they can buy their child’s clothing appropriately.

Previously, schools had the option of which colors to wear. The new universal uniform will consist of navy or white tops with navy or khaki bottoms.

Superintendent Nancy Sarra said that moving to the universal uniform will help families and reduce the financial burden.

“Due to the transiency of the students in our district, we are adopting the universal uniform to alleviate the financial burden of having to buy new uniforms if your child moves to a different school in the district. This also gives our students across the district a unified and consistent appearance,” Sarra said.

For those who cannot afford new clothing, the district will help them.

Families who may be faced with financial difficulty in purchasing new uniforms should submit a written request for assistance to their school principal specifying the clothing needed, along with a statement of financial need.

The district’s Facebook page has been full of confusion and some opposition.

Kathleen Shackford Noor said on the district’s page, “Finally I’ve been saying this for awhile. Though I no longer live here, it’s still great for parents and easier than hunting down all these colors for different ages and schools.”

“School uniform is a financial nightmare,” Mercado Jessica also said on the school district page. “It’s not only the lump amount spent throughout the year (children grow), but the lack of wardrobe my kids will have for the weekend. I always hear about the uniform swap. But would really like to actually see and take part of one.”

“The entire idea of school uniforms is stupid to me. Why must children be made to conform to a certain color or article of clothing? Don’t you want the child to be able to express their individuality through their dress and appearance?,” replied Todd Szabo on the school district Facebook page. “If there really is a dress code violation, address that with the student and the parents. Having also grown up in New Britain, I can say with authority that the female dress code was arbitrarily enforced by administrators. Shouldn’t the kid be allowed to show their support for various sports teams, television shows, or be able to wear designs they like? I fail to see how this will improve education within the district.”

The page also notes that there is no uniforms for pre-school and no sweatpants are allowed.

Anyone with more questions can message the Facebook page or call 860-827-2284.

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