How Patriotic Do You Feel This Year?

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On July 4th one of the most patriotic holidays of the year occurred.

This month, the New Britain City Journal, asked Facebook group members. “Do you feel more patriotic this year, less or the same? Why?”

There were some interesting answers, Most, but not all residents, say they feel very patriotic these days. The reasons vary.

The following are some of the responses.

“I feel more this year,” said School Board Member Miriam Geraci. “Despite all of the political struggles currently happening in our State, I’m beyond proud of our City and how we continue to grow and that we can celebrate being named All American City for another year.”

Marion Pruzan Fischbein said, “It’s a different patriotic. More of a feeling of needing to preserve our nation. Locally, the pride is growing! As NB residents we should be extolling all the accomplishments, businesses and growth of our city.”

“Less,” said Dick Rosol. “Trump has dashed much of my patriotic feelings for now.”

Craig Schmitt said, “Always feel patriotic, love and respect our flag and our service men and women.”

“Locally, I’m always proud of our city, but nationally I can’t help but feel ashamed of where our country is headed,” said Jim Wyskiewicz.

Ann Dilling responded. “Merica all day everyday! I bleed red white and blue.”

“More; I have the need to love and honor America, my adopted country, even more given the toxic political climate,” answered Maria Pietrantuono.

Joe Shilinga said, “I always feel patriotic.”

“We live in the Greatest Country on the face of this earth. We do more to help people than any other country in this world and we have freedoms that are unmatched by any other country,” said Alderman Kristian Rosado. “We also have the best military in the world that keeps us safe. I feel patriotic every day of the year. America is Beautiful.”

Gerry Amodio, downtown district director said, “I feel patriotic everyday. May God Bless America and All Those Who Believe in Her and Defend Her.”

Mark Zenobi I am proud to be an American and to live in the greatest Country in the world, patriotic and proud and grateful for all those who gave their lives so we may be free.”

Mike Fitzpatrick simply said, “no comment.”

“I am no less or more. I am celebrating the 4th as much as ever,” said Judi Beckwith Swift. “It is not about who is in the WH. It is a celebration of the progressives who stood up to a crazy King and won this country for all of us. It is about the men and women who fought and died for our freedom. Hail to the Red, White and Blue.”

“Patriotic always,” answered Sharon Baretta. “Very proud to be an American.”

“Yes. This is my opinion so no hate mail please,” said Rodney Baker. “We have good leadership at the city level and a President that doesn’t pull any punches. Like him or hate him you know how he feels.”

Jodi Rybczynski replied, “I’m a proud American all the time. God Bless the USA.”

“Love my country,” said Geri O’Keefe-Curtis. “Always feel patriotic.”

Dennis Buden concluded, “Patriotism to me is not something that comes and goes. It is in my fabric.”


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