Fairview Cemetery Undergoes Various Improvements

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There is a lot of summer work that is going on around the City and one of the biggest improvements is occurring at Fairview Cemetery at 120 Smalley St.

About $164,000 has gone to Fairview Cemetery to fix the water system.

“Many people who have loved ones that are buried there often struggle to water the flowers that they have around their loved ones gravesites, because our irrigation system was completely ruined. We spent $164,000 from the Fairview Cemetery Trust Fund to renovate and replace over 25 spigots and replace all the water lines to increase the number of spigots from 25 to 44.”

They will be evenly placed around the cemetery’s 100 acres.

It is an entire new irrigation system. Previously pipes were susceptible to damage and now they are on granite posts that will be less like to break as easily. The spigots will also designate the section people are in so that it is easier to identify where they are in the old cemetery.

“The old system was kind of like we were patching it and eventually you cannot patchwork a system that is over 80 years old,” said Mayor Stewart. “Construction started in December of last year and finished just a couple of weeks ago.”

Also added were black metal decorative garbage cans. Workers will be painting over the graffiti that is located in Section 23 near the Route 9 Overpass. That work will start in July.

“It has been about 10 or 15 years since that wall was last painted,” said Mayor Stewart. “So far we have received very positive feedback from those who visit the cemetery on a regular basis to visit their loved ones. We hope that we can continue making those improvements to make the cemetery a much nicer area.”

Fairview Cemetery has been serving the greater New Britain community for well over two hundred and fifty years. Established in 1756, Fairview is among the areas oldest and most historic burial grounds. This majestic one hundred acre city within a city, is home to over thirty-eight thousand interments, with room for thousands more. Fairview Cemetery has grown while New Britain has grown around it, all the while maintaining its pastoral abundance, with winding roads and mature trees. Administered by the City of New Britain, Parks & Recreation Department, Fairview Cemetery continues to be one of the area’s foremost non-sectarian cemeteries.

For more information on Fairview Cemetery go to http://nbsvwwwnbctgov.newbritainct.gov/index.php/city-services/parks-a-recreation/fairview-cemetery.html

You can also call 860-826-3495.


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