Walnut Hill Playground Dedicated to Lisa Carver

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During her 8 years as Chief of Staff for Timothy Stewart, Lisa Carver put parks and recreation money away for a future endeavor. A year after Carver’s passing the City used that money to makeover Walnut Hill Playground and dedicated it to Carver.

“Lisa would be mortified by this. She was such a low key, do your job in the background kind of person and she wasn’t the type of person who would claim or want credit for anything,” said her husband Paul Carver. “But, it is nice of the Mayor (Erin Stewart) to do this. Her and both Mayors were close.”

Erik Barbieri, director of parks and recreation, opened a ceremony on Tuesday morning in front of the playground to honor Carver.

“What an exciting opportunity this is. Mayor Erin Stewart had a great idea to dedicate it to Lisa Carver and on behalf of the parks and recreation department, I accept it,” said Barbieri. “It was in rough shape. This playground needed to be replaced. There was a lot of broken pieces and there were issues going on.”

Barbieri said the playground really needed funding.

“We have to be creative on how we do things and spend money,” Barbieri added. “This is a brilliant idea.”

Mayor Erin Stewart said Lisa Carver was always there for support and to get the business of the City done.

“She always made sure he (Tim Stewart) was everywhere on time. That he was where he was supposed to be and saying what he was supposed to say,” she said. “She also helped him with the most important part of running a City which is the finances. Which is not easy.”

Mayor Stewart said Barbieri came to her and said the department found money in a donations account.

“When you find extra dollars in a parks and recreation account, you use it to benefit the kids,” Stewart said. “Every year, when Lisa was making budgets for my dad, she was putting a little bit of money away in this account to benefit our kids and community.”

Stewart said Carver was able to hide this money from former parks and recreation director Bill DeMaio, who was in attendance at the dedication.

“That money grows after a time. It’s donation accounts that make these projects come to light,” Stewart added. “We wouldn’t have this money if Lisa was not putting it away and it was growing. Lisa was an incredible person and was like a family member to all of us.”

Former Mayor Timothy Stewart said Lisa was more than a chief of staff. She was the cog in the wheel that ran the City.

“I can’t thank her enough,” said a teary-eyed Tim Stewart. “Lisa upfront was a consummate professional. Even when she got sick she never missed a day of work. You can’t ask for more dedication than that. This is such a fitting tribute to her. I thank the Mayor. It helps remember all the great work she did for the kids and community in this City.”

Mayor Erin Stewart said it is great to have the ability to impact people’s lives and everything done has a unique to benefit kids.

Lisa and Paul Carver’s children Alex and Tory were also in attendance.

“Erin is about the only person who could put Lisa’s name on something and she wouldn’t be upset,” said Paul Carver.

Following the ribbon cutting, children from Camp Totalrec initiated the new playground.


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