Readers say “Yea Bees” and “Nay Yard Goats”

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The Hartford Yard Goats may be a couple years removed from New Britain, but most members of the New Britain City Journal Facebook group say they will go see the New Britain Bees, but not the Hartford Yard Goats this year.

The City Journal’s Facebook Question of the Month was “Have you gone to a Bees game this year or are you planning to? What about the Yard Goats? Will you go watch them”?

The following were some of the answers to those questions.

Rich Janusz said, “We are planning to go to at least one Bees game this year. I would not go to a Goats game if I was paid to and given a limo ride.”

“Haven’t been to either but would love to go to both,” said Jennese Birritteri. “Bees will definitely happen.”

Craig Schmitt said, “Bees yes. Yardgoats never.”

Mike Lockery agreed saying, “Yes to the Bees and never to the Goats.”

“Bees several games,” said Mark Bernacki. “What’s a Yard Goat?”

“Bees yes. Goats no,” said Bill Weber.

“Joey and I plan on a couple of bees game but there is no way we will go to the yard goats.” said Tony Cane.

Arlene Potter said, “Yes Bees. Yardgoats baa NO.”

“Yes to Bees,” said Marion Pruzan Fischbein. “Yardgoats not gonna.”

Grammie Shepard said, “Been to bees. Will not attend goats.”

“I want to see the bees just haven’t gone yet,” said Karyl Beloin. “Nope to Yard Goats.”

Joe Shilinga said, “ I have four season tickets…go Bees!”

“Bees yes, yardgoats never,” said Richard Reyes.

“Yes to the Bees,” said Marcia Pucinski Janusz. “Never to the Yard Goats.”

Christine Fairwood said, “Bees yes, Goats no!”

Scott Crittenden agreed as well saying, “Yes Bees! Yard who?”

“Yes to the Bees & will never go to see the Yard Goats,” said Paula Ohanian-Paré.

“Yes Bees and will go to more,” said Kim Kelley Davis. “Goats nope!”

Anna NB said, “I’ve been to multiple Bees games this year! They are great! Especially Firework nights! Also attended a Yard Goats game… But in NH. They aren’t bad. I really enjoy the bees though.”

Stephen Hard said, “Been to the Bees and another scheduled. I wouldn’t go to the goats if they paid me.”

“Love our Bees!,” said Francine Pellechio Pawlikowski . “Will NEVER go to a Yardgoats game!

Kathy Morneault said, “Haven’t gone to a Bee’s game yet, but would like to. After what the owners of the Yardgoats did, I will never go to one of their games.”

“Been to a handful of Bees games this year & plan on more during the rest of the season,” said Scott Markiewicz. “As for the Goats, not until they kick Josh Soloman out of CT.”

Eileen Castrogiovanni said, “Yes to the Bees, hell no to the Yard Goats.”

The New Britain Bees are an American professional baseball team based in New Britain. They are a member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

The Hartford Yard Goats are a Double-A minor league baseball team in Hartford in the Eastern League. The team was founded in 2016, when the New Britain Rock Cats, a Colorado Rockies affiliate, relocated to Hartford.

A schedule and more information about the New Britain Bees can be found at


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