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I don’t know about you, but the way the Yankees played last week against Tampa Bay was frustrating. I don’t see the Rays as that good of a team, but we can’t beat them in their stadium.

The bats have slowed down and the pitching is slumping. The Yanks have dropped to second in average and second in runs scored. The team is eighth in earned run average and fourth in home runs allowed.

I am not overly worried. I think a rebound will happen.

Kansas City seems to have little to offer. Even when the Bombers don’t hit, the Royals play lousy. We are lucky to being playing them right now.

This weekend we take on Oakland. I plan on being in Yankee Stadium for one of the games.

Oakland is not playing well so New York should take the series. It is important to beat the teams that are playing poorly. We can’t struggle against them.

It is teams like Houston, Minnesota and Baltimore that worry me right now. Boston, Texas and even Cleveland will be tough.

After Oakland, Baltimore comes to town. This is going to be a battle for first place in the American League East. Those are must watch and must win games.

It will be a good sign of how good this team really is at this point. Most teams the Yanks have played so far have been under the .500 mark.

A stat search shows Aaron Judge still leading the league in home runs at 15. He has slowed down a bit. He needs some good bats this week to stay in the lead.

I have my Judge t-shirt to proudly wear.

Don’t forget to vote for the all-star team at Be sure to choose Judge and Starlin Castro as they have been amazing.

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