Editor’s Note 5/25/2017

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Are you excited for Memorial Day? For me it marks the unofficial beginning of the summer.

Unfortunately, the weather has gone cold and rainy again. It will go from 60-70s to 90 degrees in a flash. It seems like we never get the 70-80s weather I adore.

This weekend brings the Annual Greek Festival. I always eat souvlaki, but am thinking about buying a gyro this year. The food and entertainment are great. See more about the festival on page 3.

On Tuesday is the Memorial Day Parade. It is one of my favorite City events of the year. It usually lasts about one hour and features many New Britain school bands. The bands are all impressive. The many sports programs are fun to see as well.

If you go the parade, take a bag for all the candy you can catch. It is great for children.

Adults please don’t grab candy away from the kids. I do hope they throw a few in my direction. See story on page 5.

Last week I went to the Neighborhood Housing Services of New Britain, Inc., Housing and Health Fair at the high school. I forgot how many services are offered in the City. See more on page 1.

The Downtown District held their annual meeting on Tuesday morning. It was a very positive meeting where everyone seemed upbeat. Many new businesses are opening downtown and a lot of other activity is taking place.

Mary Erin Stewart spoke about the future of downtown as well. It really is seeing improvement. We once again have a cute downtown. We still need more activities to bring people there after 5 p.m. Nightlife would be a good idea. See story on page 4.

I am so excited to once again to bring you our “Where to Eat” section in the center of this paper. After you have read the entire paper, take that section out and use it as a guide to Where to Eat when you are searching for food. Some restaurants have coupons and menus. You might want to give one to a friend.

It’s my favorite section of the year.

A few Red Sox fans were unhappy with my Facebook joke last week. Yankees fans were amused.

This week’s joke should only offend tomatos.

A tomato family is walking down the street. The baby tomato falls behind. Daddy tomato goes back smacks him on the head and says “ketchup”.

I know it is sappy.

Until next week, don’t fall behind and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!


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