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Today’s activity is all about Love. This activity can be created for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just any old day that you have the opportunity to express a little love. It is after all what makes the world a better place.

Quilling- have you heard of it? There are so many beautiful projects that you can do with Quilling. It’s the art of curling paper. Paper can become a sculpture and dimensional. Our project today is beginner Quilling.


Mat board

Construction paper – pink, red, white

Glitter glue

White Tacky Glue

Paint Brush

How To:

Cut the construction paper into strips. I cut them into 1 inch strips. I used one sheet of each color and cut them all the long way.

Using one strip of red paper apply a bead of glue along one narrow side and apply it to the Mat board. You may have to hold it there into the beginning of the heart shape until the glue grabs enough to hold it into position. Repeat for the other side of the heart.

To make the curls that will rest inside the heart wrap curl the paper around the narrow end of a paint brush. I used a child’s brush. A pencil was too fat for this project. Wrap the whole strip and hold it for just a second to encourage it to curl. Apply glue to the bottom of the curl and place inside the heart. Randomly place curls of different colors in the heart until it’s full.

I used the glitter glue to write my message around the heart.

Books to extend the activity:

Quilled Flowers by Alli Bartkowski

Quilled Mandela’s by Alli Bartkowski

The Adventure of a Water Droplet by Maria Skrebtsova

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