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It’s the end of January and we have survived without a major snowstorm. We have had several ice storms, but not a large amount of snow.

Does that mean February will be brutal to us? Will we not get a Spring until May?

In New England we never know what we will get. I am hoping we won’t pay for such livable weather we had this month.

Tuesday had phenomenal attendance for the unveiling of the logo. The logo and slogan are not going to save the City, but we needed something to focus advertising and promotional ideas around. No one expect Hard Hittin’ to disappear, but we cannot put that in ads. For some it has a negative reaction.

I wasn’t that fond of “Experience the New” at first, but it is growing on me. I like that the honeycomb also represents a bee in flight. Overall, it was a great event with a new start for our City.

T-shirts will soon be available. We should all support this initiative. See story on page 3.

This week I had the chance to talk to School Superintendent Nancy Sarra about changes taking place to keep New Britain students in our City. I am not in favor of magnet schools. If you live in New Britain your children should attend school here.

Sarra gave many good reasons students are better off in New Britain. We offer a lot other schools do not. If you are considering sending your child to a magnet school, try to talk with Sarra first. Magnet schools are tempting, but are they really better for your child? Read the story on page 1.

On page 1 is also a story on Patrick Vaccariello who is from New Britain and made it as a musical director on Broadway. He also travels with ‘Wolverine’ Hugh Jackman. I was very impressed. It is another story showing City residents have done amazing things. Please read it. It will make you smile.

I also want to wish Mallory Deprey good luck on her appointment to the school board. She has big shoes to fill.

I once had a joke about a lady on a toilet in this column. It was very funny and everyone loved it. I haven’t found one as good since then. I try to stay away from political jokes. It seems someone get offended.

So instead I will share something football related. If you are not a Patriot fan turn away.

“Real women love football, but only the wicked smart, beautiful and amazing women are Patriot fans.”

Go Pats!

Until next week go with a winner and become a Patriot fan and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!




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