Family Fun – Winter Tree Suncatcher

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This time of the year our landscape is covered with the skeletons of trees! I love to look at the shapes and forms that our trees take. Birches look different than Oaks who are again so different from the Willows. Branch structure, shape and form stand out at this time of year. If you are lucky enough to have a willow nearby do you enjoy the swing of the branches as they blow in the powerful winter winds? Do you notice the way the snow gets caught in the pines? Since we don’t have snow on the ground at the time of this writing we can still walk the trails in town with ease and study those trees. This week our project is a simple one but it can inspire walks in the park, trips to the library and a focus of study if you like.


Clear contact paper

Construction paper brown and another color for the frame

Small amount of white paint


White glue

How to:

Cut 2 pieces of clear contact paper. Peel one open and use it for your background. Using the brown construction paper tear pieces to make your tree. You might talk about the size of branches as you tear. How do the branches connect to each other? Do they cross over each other? It’s your tree do you need to make a branch that you could suspend a swing on? Are the branches all the same size as they go higher and out further? When you are satisfied with your tree you can add the snowflakes. I dabbed my paint right on the sticky side of the contact paper. Cover with the other piece of contact paper. Now your wet paint is sealed inside and you don’t have to wait for it to dry.

Cut 8 one inch strips of paper to form your frame. Glue to the edges to form your frame. When dry pop a couple of holes and hang with pretty ribbon or yarn.

All these supplies and more can be found at Scraptivity 1020 Farmington Ave Berlin. Check us out on the web at or come on down and join us for Open Studio only $8 per hour per person.



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