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Happy New Year Everyone! This is the time of year that we think about goals, resolutions and what the next year in our lives should look like. One way to help those resolutions or plans along is to write about it. What you write and think about has much more of a chance of happening. Journaling is a great way to stay in touch with yourself at any age. The younger you start recording your thoughts and happenings the better! Today’s project is a simple book. I liked this one because the page size changes as you go along. How fun! Our youngest might use this as a sticker book. A little older and it would be a fun weekly journal.


A variety of construction paper

Stapler and staples

Masking or Washi Tape


How to:

Start with your outside cover. Chose what color will be the cover and fold it exactly in half. Chose the next color and make it smaller on all sides by an inch. Follow the pattern with each new sheet making it a little smaller than the one before. When you have your pages assembled staple them in a couple of places. I used some colorful tape on the outside of the cover to cover the staples and look pretty along the fold.

That’s it! Now write a fun story to fill your book!

These materials and more can be found at Scraptivity 1020 Farmington Ave Berlin. Stop in and see us! We love to see your projects and offer ours to you.

Books to extend the activity:

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cornin

Amelia’s Notebook by Marissa Moss

The Private Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11 by Amy Hest


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