About Us

We are New Britain’s Weekly Newspaper:

Our Mission:

The mission of the New Britain City Journal is to cover each aspect of the city in an accurate and balanced manner. We want to help residents gain a better knowledge of all newsworthy items and events happening in New Britain.

We will do this through honest straight forward reporting and resident submissions. Residents are the heart and soul of this newspaper and we welcome input of all kinds. Most anything residents feel is important, we also feel is important.

We will not publish accusations or hurtful comments. We feel New Britain is a great city and want to focus on the brighter, positive aspects of it.

It does not mean we will not publish vital hard-hitting news that will impact the city.

Our focus is to shine a new light on our great city, its history and its future.

As a lifelong New Britain resident, I add a human factor of the city no other newspaper can match. I was the former editor of the Farmington Valley Herald and Hardware City Journal. I also covered Berlin for 7 years for the New Britain Herald. My knowledge as a daily news reporter, the editor of two weekly newspapers and being a city native makes the New Britain City Journal one that is unparalleled. My unique vision is one in which all city residents can adhere and relate.

Through the mission of this newspaper, it is my hope to help make New Britain a better place for everyone to work and to live.